Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm back like Jesus

Sorry about the brief hiatus - blame Jesus, Red Tulip and family.

Yes, Easter has been and gone and we had family visit, including a surprise trip from mum, which was a great shock! I mean a shock in a great way!
I have also just recovered from the most evil 24-hour gastro bug that Jay had, then passed to T who then shared with me.
And, no, there was honestly no connection between the vomiting and enormous consumption of Easter eggs - although I did eat about four tonne of home made hot cross buns...which Jay delightfully decided to call "BB buns". Not sure how he got "BB" from "hot cross", but he calls me BB, so it makes sense to me.

Nope, this was some nasty bug I think.
This time, though, it was more awful than ever. So violent was the vomiting, I was scared I would bring up little embie (embryo)!
Again, completely irrational.
In fact I am on quite sharp tenterhooks at the moment. Tomorrow will have been seven days since the transfer and I have one statistic rolling around in my mind.
60-70% of transfers result in a pregnancy...30-40% do not.

Some days the first number seems huge, more chance than I would ever need. But on other days, I dwell so much on the 40%...and the size of that number. Shit, I think some days, that's almost half. I have no chance!

So tomorrow is officially the half-way mark between the transfer and when we can do a pregnancy test. Half-way there...

In between times, I am trying not to stress about every single thing I eat and drink - although that is near impossible. One book says coffee and tea is fine - just limit the amount of sugar you take (sugar in tea or coffee? yuck); another says avoid caffeine at all costs, while yet another says no more than three cups a day.
Two books I read today praised the virtues of baked potatoes in their skins, and yet I saw someone supposedly knowledgeable on TV the other day cursing them.
Leftovers, no leftovers? Ham, or just leg ham? Herbal tea, which kinds?
Anyways, like the pamphlet I got after the transfer last week said, all the self-injecting, hormones, blood tests and drugs that have gone before pale into insignificance compared to the torture that is the waiting during this fortnight.

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