Sunday, April 25, 2010

Live a little

Sorry it's been a little while!
There will be a brief hiatus I suspect between now and a couple of weeks when I am due to have another embryo transfer.
In the meantime, I have resumed by love affair with coffee, red wine, Asahi, J and B scotch and Cooper's Pale Ale.
That makes me sound like an alcoholic...and I suppose I have been compared to the nun-like stance I took on all of the abovementioned these past four or so weeks.
And to my obstinate little mind, I kind of figure that I have done without for SO LONG, I deserve to make up for lost ground.
Like when you would do the 40-hour Famine...and bitch and moan about having nothing but 1357 barley sugars and more water than is medically advisable - and for what? The $13.75 your mum would end up coughing up because your "sponsors" never came through?
Nope, the only thing worth hanging in there for was the inevitable trip to Macca's, Sizzler or some such other fine dining establishment for what amounted to triple what you normally would eat in one sitting.
"Oh, I am STARVING" you would say...kind of missing the point of the whole thing...
So, if you will excuse me, the footy is on and my scotch needs more ice.
Talk soon!

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