Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here we go - round two

So, my teenage runaway showed up last night...a few hours after my last bewildered post, and I am no longer playing Where's My Period?
Actually it was almost as much of a thrill as finding out I was pregnant - you get to a stage where you cry out for any sign of certainty, regularity or rhythm from your body.
Something you can rely on.
Like a calendar or a clock. What on earth did they do before such fandangled things?
Well I know what they did, because I have been there for weeks: all at sea, vulnerable and uncertain.
So I rang the doc's office this morning and was told to book a blood test for another 14 days, to check that I'm ovulating.
Then we can try with another little embie!
It's kind of freaky that the process just keeps on rolling...I'm not sure if it is preferable to wait a month or two between transfers, or if it makes any difference at all.
And of course my blood test happens to be due on the May Day public holiday.
Do you have any idea how difficult it was finding a pathology lab that could take a bit of blood from my arm on that day??
Four phone calls and 40 minutes later, I have it sorted and thankfully will avoid a pointless commute to Brisbane. (That was the original option, before I realised all that was needed next was bloods so I could try to stay local).
Apparently if the results are A-ok, the second transfer can happen by the end of that week.
And apparently the embryos need to thaw for two days.
The receptionist at the doc's office just casually mentioned that, and my breath kind of caught in my throat.
I don't know, it sounds weird, doesn't it. Like you are popping some chops in the fridge to defrost before throwing them on the barbie...
A two-day thaw.
And isn't it just incredible that a little tiny life can start, and then presumably be paused by some icy hand...and then be allowed to start up again.
Like a wind-up toy that just needs another twist.
A remote-controlled car that needs a new battery.
A Scalectrix car that just needs a gentle nudge back on the tracks.
I feel differently about this next round of embies than the first one...for that reason, I think.
In my mind, because I don't quite understand it, I am worried that because they are frozen, they won't be as strong.
What amazing force is it that tells those little cells to get moving and dividing again?
I am worried the magic that triggers that force will have forgotten one, some, all of those little embies.
Ahh, there's my old friend Worry back again.
But as long as Worry's sparring partner Hope hangs around more often than my teenage runaway, we'll be right.
we'll be right.

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