Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Ok, I am literally falling asleep at the computer andwll make no apologies for bad typing - as it apers mu fingers have aleady hit the hay.
been up since 6 to take ina horror 2.5 hour drive to brisbane this morning - whoever does that commute daily should be wrapped in a straight jacket nd locked in a white room for a very long time. i would rather sit on hot coals and take shots of battery acid while combing my hair with a chainsaw than drive in city peak hour ever again.
thers that melodrama again...
so, have picke dup my injections and doc gave me first one today - i actually barely felt it. It's called Puregon and stimulates my ovvaries to make with the egg production, pronto!
I will will have to inhject mself tomorrow and not looking forward. plus i had a nurse nazi from hell take my blood and actually say to me when i asked her half jokingly to "please be gentle" that i was a big bloody wimp. um, that's not helping helga. and she bloody looked like a helga too...

anyway, apart from being tired there is such an incerdible amount of excitement at how quickly this now seems to be going. peoeple, i could be pregnant before easter. tha's right easter/ of course i won't know it as implantation looks likely for the mon or tues before actual easter...but isnt that amazing?
and, hell i may not habve gone to church in about 15 yers, but im a good catholic school girl and i seem to remember easter being something about new life...or is it those nougat eggs you get from darrell lea w the fluffy chicken on top? i dont know, but i know i am excited...and tireddddddddddddddd.............night.
did any of this make sense? i am a sleepalready.

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