Saturday, March 20, 2010

Baby-desiring lesbians still need pricks

Yes, even as a woman in a same-sex relationship, some prick is required.
Haha - boom tish!
In this case, the prick is not some dero I picked up at the local pub who had on not so much his beer goggles, but his bourbon/rum/bourbon/vodka/midori/port/ouzo goggles.
No, this is much more romantic.
Here is my hot date.
We meet every morning, religiously.

He is Puregon, as the driven snow. I always think it sounds like some nobleman from Middle Earth...the boyfriend of Cate Blanchett's character in the Lord of the Rings, Galadriel?
So, yeah, this is the pic of the syringey thing I give myself at about 7am each morning. I will have to do it until prob about next Friday when we go to doc again for a scan.
As I have mentioned it is bloody confronting actually inserting the needle..and even after a few extra days, it is NOT getting any easier.
You unscrew the epi-pen, load a vial with about four days' worth of doses in it, screw it back together and then pop the needle (a new one each time) on the end, dial up the dose - 200 in my case..younger gals would get something like 100 or 150 - and then inject it.

(Observant eyes will pick up the tiny drop of fluid at the very end of the needle, as I took this pic after it had been in my belly. Eeeuuuw! Sorry.)

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