Friday, March 26, 2010

Countdown to crunch time

Whoa! Ok, doc is happy, we are happy and it seems my ovaries are happy to respond perfectly well to the array of drugs I have been taking.
We are good to go for a Egg Pick Up in hospital on Monday! I will have to take the whole day off as it is a general anaesthetic, then we duck back again for a much shorter trip on Wednesday morning to impant the new embryo.
Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! This is really happening! So so so exciting.
After so many months talking about it and guessing how it might feel, all of a sudden it is happening at lightning speed - and right now!
So I am now stopping the Synarel nasal spray, I have one more Puregon injection and then have to give myself the booster shot at 1am Sunday.
Have to set my alarm for that it's not like I will be in the middle of a club dancefloor and have to hold up my hands and say "hold on, guys, can you hold my Black Russian while I bolt to the loo and shoot up my gonad booster thing?"
I will be injecting Ovidrel, something delightfully called a gonadotrophin. Now I don't know what that means technically, but I thought only men had gonads, so I was initially a little worried...
But it turns out all it does it "ripen" the eggs inside the large follicles inside my ovaries (which I saw today on an ultrasound and look like dark little grapes all bunched together...kind of).
And why 1am? Weeell it's timed fairly precisely to be a certain number of hours before the actual surgery, which involves sucking out the eggs ready for fertilisation.
Wednesday morning we are back for a quick implant, hopefully, as long as we get at least one embryo that divides strongly and looks healthy.
How freaking exciting. This time next week, I could have a tiny human person beginning life inside me.
Oh my GOD!
Bloody hell. Am I ready?
No way.
Well, ask me in an hour.
But then by tomorrow I will have changed my mind again...
I honestly don't know.
Does anyone?

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