Thursday, March 25, 2010

Narcolepsy strikes again

Evening all.
Once again I have been hit completely for six by a type of tiredness I have never known - and that includes coping with a newborn.
Frankly I hope Jay can take care of himself tonight because I will be asleep before him I reckon. (He is in bed right now, but doing his usual "I might have a chat to slinky and Pooh Bear for an hour about my day before I actually close my eyes" thing). Hilariously, he is still in cot-lockdown mode even though he is in a normal king single bed...and it hasn't occurred to him to actually climb out and push those boundaries a little more.
It's quite disarming. Like some weird Stockholm Syndrome thiing where he feels more comfortable in the confines - perceived or real - of a cot,
My boy prefers jail to freedom! haha.
Not a hell of a lot to report other than we have a tres exciting trip to Brisbane at sparrow's fart yet again tomorrow for a doc appointment.
Am feeling quite apprehensive at this stage...bit of performance anxiety! Basically we will find out how many follicles my ovaries have been producing these past few hormone-induced weeks, and that little vision on the ultrasound screen will determine how many may be harvested next week.
So, fingers crossed I can report some good news tomorrow.

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