Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Letter to the editor

I was compelled to take angry fingers to increasingly yielding keyboard this week upon reading a letter to the editor from one of the many right-wing bigots I am unfortunate enough to share my part of Australia with.
Here, first is the letter and below is my reply, which appeared in today's paper.

Legislation for same-sex marriages has been tabled in parliament. This is a recipe for disaster that will have far-reaching consequences.
The strength of society’s fabric is to large degree in the strength of the family unit.
The homosexual community would like to redefine society to suit their self-interested agendas which will be to the detriment of all that we value dearly – family and marriage.
Our government is based on the Westminster Legal System which is based on the 10 Commandments of the Judeo-Christian Faith. These laws are the foundation to a society that works well and has the blessings of the Almighty God. Marriage between man and woman has long been God’s idea, as has been procreation.
Shall we also toss out our current legal system one brick at a time and have the homosexual community rewrite it their way.
I certainly won’t be silent as they steamroll their way under a thin guise of “tolerance”. They are certainly not tolerant of anyone who has a difference of opinion.
Do we really want homosexuals running Australia when the majority of us value marriage and family as it has always been known?
I’m certainly not homophobic and I for one understand the sexual brokenness that underpins the choices they make. For many of them their brokenness is too painful for them to even contemplate.
All the same, I am a mother and I also have the right to advocate for what are better choices for our children. Same-sex marriages are certainly not about children and the children’s needs. Hence I will protect the values I hold dear to – marriage between a man and woman to the exclusion of all others. This creates a solid foundation for a stronger society in which to raise children.
What the homosexuals do in their private lives should not become a public endeavour for all to accept their choices by legislation. Let it remain as a private matter and let the definition of marriage remain as that of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others. Our children deserve the best.
I strongly urge all citizens who value family and marriage to speak up about these attempts to redefine who we are in Australia.
Together we can avert this disaster and protect what we value dearly - marriage and family.
LEA JOHNSON, Noosa Heads.

Now, I could have gone for the throat, I really could have...but decided against vitriol.

So Lea Johnson believes marriage between a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others “creates a solid foundation for a stronger society in which to raise children”.
Not sure what planet she is living on, but I don’t particularly see marriage working brilliantly out there in the community.
So, the “majority”, she says, value marriage and family “as it has always been known”.
Not sure which majority she is referring to, especially when current data proves a lot of people don’t in fact value it at all.
Ever heard the oft-quoted “one in three marriages ends in divorce” line?
There were 120,118 marriages registered in Australia in 2009, according to the ABS.
In the same year, there were 49,488 divorces. Almost 50,000 people who clearly don’t value marriage as highly as you naively do.
You claim you are not homophobic in the same panicked breath as declaring some rot about a homosexual movement steamrolling its way into “running Australia” and daring to be treated the same as everyone else.
News flash, Lea, we are all human. No other person, church, authority or state has any right whatsoever to decide one person is more entitled than another. Unless of course a crime has been committed, and last time I looked, homosexuality was not a crime.
“The strength of society’s fabric is to a large degree in the strength of the family unit.”
I couldn’t agree more. So why deny two people who love each other? Why deny two people who want to make a commitment to having a go at creating their own family unit?
Some might not get it right, like those 50,000 others, but some might do it well and stitch a defining thread in that social fabric of which you speak. You know the one, it changes all the time, to reflect the colours and textures of each generation.
This is not a self-interested agenda. This is an attempt at equality. An equality that has been enjoyed and sometimes destroyed by heterosexual couples for hundreds of years.
Why not let them in? Who knows, that divorce rate may actually decline...


  1. Bec I really enjoy your writing. Your passion shines through in your words. Just wanted to let you know that not all Christians feel the same way as this , dare I say it, judgmental moron, sees it. I am a christian and its one aspect of christianity I really struggle with- the church's opposition to homosexuality. To me it just smacks of judgmemt, which the bible says "judge not lest ye be judged" The Jesus I believe in is one who is accepting and loving of all people, regardless of colour, creed, gender, or sexual orientation. I so agree with your sentiments. Hetero couples obviously arent poster children for marriage. Those statistics are shocking! I married my husband just over 10 years ago. A friend who was at my wedding went to 4 others around the same time- we are the only ones still married. If 2 people are genuinely committed to each other, love each other, are faithful to each other then I see no reason why they should not all be afforded the same right to marriage. Sorry I will stop here. Just amazes me in this day and age this is still an issue. Keep your voice loud

  2. In other news, someone might finally be growing some cajones! Maybe.

  3. Bec, I share your thoughts and well what can i say but i just started to feel hot as my blood was boiling all the while reading it.
    She dares to start discussing throwing out parts of the legal system, if this legislation is passed. I have been in and out of court for 6 years to protect my daughter from a hetrosexual parents father who is violent, abusive, and falls under every Domestic violence catagory in every aspect and still the legal system fails me and my daughter. This pro hetrosexual relationships. Bugger off if she really wants someone to talk to about same sex relatioships or marriage and the inclusion of them and children of these relationships; I even as a hetrosexual woman still volunteer to take her head on any day and I would love to find out if it would be too late to respond to her too Bec. For all that same sex relationships have to endure from society and other places/people I have seen them be better and stronger formed relationships than many hetrosexual relationships that marriage can be;to some, taken as lightly as takeaway food (litterally as in asia there will be by the end of this year a menu to cater for wedding guests for wedding parties held at their resturants)
    The challenges and obstacles that have taken place especially to have children are not merely a drunken one night stand ending in a child that has to bear the brunt of it for the rest of its life and be hold breath and hope that society will help protect it. The legal system doesnt, some people do, and as alot of you know with everything that you want to go through and accept to go through as a homosexual or even a hetrosexual (if she got picky about needing help to have kids as hetrosexual couples do too, as i in the future will be going down that isle myself)to have a child to join your family who has the right or dare the nerve to define the right or wrong part of that.There can be problems in any relationship hetro/homosexual so you cant claim that.She wants to talk Jesus or biblical bring it on lady as I can go back at you with just as much support for this legistation if not more than you can to knock it. People choose to bring or play the Jesus card when they feel they need more leverage. One, Do people love each other, are they good to each other, are they committed to each other, are they human and make mistakes like everyone else especially when we can turn sort of non human when hormonal... NO ONE has the right to judge anyone especially on any sexual pretense.. Grow up lady, open your eyes and if you want to choose to follow any of Gods laws is love unconditionally.. I will get off my soap box now, but before I do I would say if I could not mother my daughter and I had to choose someone from values and love, conviction and heart everything I have tried to teach my daughter including tolerance and the knowledge that some people are mean and are going to be cruel and hurtful just cause they can doesnt mean that they are right, as long as she stays true to herslef and what she feels in her heart is right than to follow that
    I would have no hesitation in saying that Bec & T would be the type of parents i would feel overjoyed to have her become part of their family. She already knows hatred from what this lady says is best from a hetrosexual relationship dares talk about the legal system and jesus... try my ex lady a very hetrosexual man, give him your child and see how long you keep your closed minded opinions and can only hope you may shift your energies to other issues that need more critical review and judgement, as these two ladys would be my choice any day parent my daughter if i could not.For every reason and strength of heart... Bec if i can respond in any way to any close minded sttuff like that pls forward it on as i would love to reply.. love and sorry to rant;especially with spelling and grammer etc, your pet xxoo

  4. Anonymous, who are you to be so lovely?? (And so wordy, yeesh! only joking, haha). Your comment warmed my heart, so thank you, whoever you are.
    Sometimes I wonder if it's even worth it, having our say and ranting against these fools...but of course it is. Nothing will change otherwise. (At least, that's what I tell myself). Lots of good things to you!! XXX