Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hello February

And hello to my good mate with the stunningly stylish blog sign-off font, Toushka.

Like Clayton's, the fake scotch that carried the tagline "the drink you're having when you're not having a drink", I am on Twitter, but I'm not on Twitter. If you know what I mean.

After much in-principle resistance, I signed up as a way mostly to plug blog posts and chat to a few friends. But unlike some people I follow who seem to take much joy in Tweeting their existence ad nauseam and on the second, days and weeks can go by without me even so much as clicking into the site. Some days, I must admit, I forget it's there and thank god I did the autofill thing on my computer, because I have no idea what my password is.

Anyway, I hopped on there tonight after an email alerted me to a new follower (yay Vote4Africa! Um?). That's right, Twitter. And thanks to the marvel that is the "new" Twitter, I am able to type in my user name and check out who's saying what about me - it's like my high school self has hired an all-seeing and all-knowing invisible PI, it's great. Haha.

And there, the lovely Toushka has alerted me to her version of a bloggy award. That's right, she gave me one! Naww. Shame it was two days ago - sorry!

Firstly, I must say thank you with as much intent as I can muster. And for me, that involves reproducing the word in as many languages as I can think of at this moment (and given the horrid humidity, my tiredness and lateness of the hour, do not expect the list to be long): danka, grazie, merci, xi xi, m'goi, grazias, and that's about it. Thanks! Did I mention you are lovely?

My dear, I humbly accept. Both the award and your challenge. Here's a bit of a rundown in case you didn't click on the above link:

"I will accept the awards - tell you 7 things about myself and then list 10 blogs I love and why I love them and am passing the awards on to). The writers of these blogs can accept without doing anything. Or they can chose to play the game and play by the rules"
Smart, huh?

Seven things about me. Easy, I'm a Leo: are you sure you only have time for seven?

1. I adore musicals. Yes I am gay. No I am not a gay man. I regularly go to sleep at night imagining myself as the lead in Chicago. Regularly. I often fall asleep with a smile. And a wicked point-kick-ball change-pivot flourish. And a black bowler hat sliding to the floor from my fingers as I drift off...pop! Six! Squish! Uh huh! Cicero!

2. I adore words. I'm a journo, it comes with the territory.

3. I am a gay woman, as previously noted, but I am in love with a boy. He is three, he is my son and he is the most spectacular centre of my universe. I would be lost without him, so let's stop talking about it!

4. I adore tuna, but DO NOT DARE CONTAMINATE IT WITH SUN-DRIED TOMATOES, OIL, BRINE or any of that other weird shit. Make mine springwater, man, and NOTHING else.

5. I wish I had more time to paint and play piano. Oh, and the weeds in my veggie garden need urgent attention also. (These activities listed in priority order.)

6. Speaking of wishes, I desperately so to be pregnant. Some of you know it happened, and then stopped happening last year. I feel that experience is defining me less and less. Some sort of progress.

7. That desperation has turned to quiet intent and a much more relaxed approach to it all. I am looking forward to 2011, literally and figuratively.

So, here's my top 10.
Rosie at Rosie's Growing Snow Peas. Haven't heard from her in a little while, but wonderful musings from a fellow same-sexer on IVF and now pregnancy.

The gorgeous Nikki at Styling You. This chick is switched on to fashion and has a fabulous take on life. Plus her blog is funny, easy to relate to and looks damn pretty too.

The gorgeous Stacey at Veggie Mama. One of my best friends, so I'm biased. Say a bad word against her food blog, and you'll have me to deal with. (And I came *this* close to getting my taekwondo black belt, alright??)

Sunshine Coast artist Denise Daffara is whimsy personified and a delightful soul.

A Story of Two Moms who happen to have TRIPLETS!

Lori at Random Ramblings of a SAHM has been to hell and...actually I'm not sure she's back yet. Compelling reading here.

The completely lovely Ash at Mm is for Me who has no flaws and is an amazingly giving and beautiful soul.

Stephen at The Australian Gay and Lesbian Law Blog. Vital information.

Sass at Life Of The Bees is so down to earth, you are mixing with the plant roots. Funny. Brilliant.

And finally, Dusty Dexter (not her real name). Funky crime novel soon to start continuous play in my local newspaper.

You are all brilliant and I am proud to bestow this enormous* honour upon you!

I am now exhausted. Now to click Publish and see if all these bloody links have worked.
*ok so it's not that big.


  1. Thanks so much, Bec! I received this honour last week and unveiled my history of fashion crimes as my 7 things!! Love your work x

  2. we feel the same way about tuna! Thanks for accepting the awards and being grateful in several languages!

  3. I'm with you on the Twitter thing - I'm much more of a follower than a followee!