Friday, June 11, 2010

ET, phone hooray!

Good evening.

Really quick cos I am freezing and desperate to dive under my doona: doc's office rang today...

First words were: "Can you have another blood test?"

Life? Ain't she a funny freaking prankster?

So that was my fourth blood test in eight days - yee haa!

BUT, despite telling me I needed another blood, I AM BOOKED IN FOR AN EMBRYO TRANSFER NEXT TUESDAY.

Hang on ET, hang on in your little bicycle basket with your little white towel over your head - I am coming!

Double yee haa (for the purists: yee yee haa haa).

How cool is that?

And what made for an ultra nice change was the lovely blood test taking lady.

A) There was no attitude over bulk billing issues. And B) she actually beamed a beamy smile at me as I left and wished me luck for Tuesday (I had filled her in on what I was doing briefly. Well I thought I ought to...she would have taken one look at the punctures in my arm and no doubt suspected all manner of heroin junkie things).

So Tuesday people. Toot toot - ALL ABOARD THE EXCITEMENT TRAIN.



  1. YEAH FOR TUESDAY! I'll be thinking sticky thoughts towards QLD-way. I hope you cope with the TWW better than I ever do, but you seem to still have your humour about the whole excruciating process. :-)

  2. Yay, I am so excited for you. Go and get it tiger, for the both of us. I will have the drinks for you.

    Thinking of you and crossing anything.

  3. oh peoples thanks for warming the cockles of my heart! it honestly gives me such a buzz knowing you lovely humans are gunning for me.
    i hope i can bring us all some great news soon! X