Thursday, June 10, 2010

A bit about our donor


So, let's just get today's latest stat out of the way: this morning marked my third blood test in seven days.

Woo hoo. Yep, they have cast a statue of me in bronze out the front of the Human Pincushion Society headquarters in Schenectady, New York.

Where's that? Oh, you take a left turn at Albuquerque and just follow your nose.

But I thought I would take an opportunity while my cous cous is fluffing and plumping and doing its amazing osmosis-y engorging; oh, and while my Gramp's shiraz is settling nicely into my half-empty. Yeah, I'm a half-empty kind of gal - but only when we are talking about red wine.

Because any glass that is not full of a precious commodity like red wine is cause for much pessimism. Any other time, people, I am glass half-FULL - optimism all the WAY!

So, our donor. The fellow whose sperm has already been introduced to my eggs in an extremely unconventional way.

The fellow who has fertilised my eggs. The very eggs that sit - just chillin - in a petri dish 80 kilometres away.

Capital W Weird.

Anyway, he's a Leo, so he's alright with me. And he was born in 1990. Does that make me a molecular Cougar? Haha.

According to a questionnaire we received about him, he tells us that he is 6foot or 182cms tall, he weighs 76kg or 168 pounds and he had hazel/green eyes and brown hair.

There's a picture of him playing a guitar which I liked immediately.

He describes himself as musical, outgoing and athletic and lists stubborness as a character flaw. Hey, at least he is self-effacing enough to list one, right? And, let me tell you, that is a big thing for a Leo. Haha.

He likes James Bond books, can play a few musical instruments and reckons he is fun, easy to talk to and passionate about the things he loves.

Sounds perfect right? Well, to be honest he was actually our second choice. But it was a close second (we had to go with this guy as our "first" pick was taken. My, don't the ladies love him?)

But then you get to a point where you think to yourself, this is not Australian Idol - or Sperm Donor Idol. Sure you end up with shortlists based on instinct, characteristics you like and others you don't.

But in the end it's all guesswork...kind of like it is in real life, I suppose. We are quite privileged to get such an insight into this person, even though we take it with a huge chunk of firstly, as I have learned while blogging, when you write about yourself and you have some time to go back, edit, tweak, change and cut...well, the rose-coloured glasses can skew bias in your own favour. Sometimes, anyway...but honesty is always the best policy.

And secondly, it's all dependant on how truthful this guy wanted to be in black and white. But, I like to think that the type of person - 20 year old or no 20 year old - who makes the huge decision to become a donor actually has a decent head on his shoulders and doesn't approach it with the same levity as getting a drunken tattoo at 3am on a Sunday.

Mostly, we chose him and liked him because he felt right. Instinct. The stuff you cannot put into words. And that's exactly how it happens "normally", isn't it? I wouldn't know, being abnormal as I am. Haha.

The donor questionnaires we looked at contained a short essay written by each one.

This guy displayed a humility none of the others did. He said he was proud of his achievements in sport and music...but not in a boastful way like some of the others did. He was just relaying fact. He admits he didn't know what he wanted to do with his life, but that if he studied hard and surrounded himself with good things, it would come to him. I like that.

But it was these last lines that really got me: "I definitely value every day that I live... I think the most important attribute to living a good life is surrounding yourself with people that you want to be more like, and always making sure that you are heading in the direction that your heart feels you should go".



  1. Yup, like him. When is ET???

  2. If you can tell me Rosie Rose, then I would be very happy! Am expecting a call from the doc's office today - HOPEFULLY with a date and a time for the embryo transfer. If she tells me I need another blood test, I may scream.

  3. He sounds great! Wow, you've gotten lots of info. We didn't get as much when we were trying to do donor insemination.

  4. Hi there, yes we used Xytec. But it was through QFG, we never had any direct dealings with them. Good luck to you!