Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The sticky

When we first moved to beautiful, sunny Queensland seven years ago, we had no idea where precisely in amongst the state’s 1.72million square kilometres we would settle.

So, we swished and hovered vague fingers over coastal regions on our map and hired a car. Started at Point A and drove to Point B, all with a clear understanding that Point B would firmly be defined as the place that featured a climate no hotter than we could cope with.

Anything north of Noosa, we decided, was way too hot. Too tropical, too steamy and too much of a filthy, sticky inferno to call home.

Sure, we had come from South Australia where 44-degree days were a walk in the park. You want a dust storm with those 44 degrees? Why not? Just close the windows and take a cold shower. Pfft.

We knew all too well that an enormous dose of meteorological malice does something crazy to the weather in Australia once you cross state borders and head north.

It’s called humidity.

I don’t care what you say: it is easier to cool off in dry heat than humidity. Cold showers don’t work when you can’t even dry yourself properly afterwards.

I may have scored 11 out of 20 in my final year biology exam, but even I know that sweat plus increased moisture in the air equals approximately 426% extra sweat and a 65-fold increase in the level of discomfort.

Is it any wonder the word troppo, used to describe a state of seriously deranged mental delirium, derives from tropical?

I fear I may go troppo this week.

Summer has finally arrived in our neck of the woods and while temperatures in their early 30s might not sound like much, especially when compared to the mid-40s from SA, sweet Jesus, it is hell on earth around here. My favourite moment was yesterday when I logged onto a weather website, to which I am quite addicted, and saw that while it was technically 33 degrees, it "felt like" 38. Not sure how they measure that, but I thought it was hilarious. For about three seconds, then I started crying tears of sweat into my keyboard.

Did I mention I am eight and a half months pregnant?

Thankfully though, the good people we purchased our house from six years ago had the genius idea of installing a pool and air-conditioning. Thankfully, we made the most of a government rebate and put insulation in our roof a year ago...so there are three things mercifully keeping me cool at this time of year.

Also this week, we bought a new pram. While we have been really lucky to have either recycled J’s cot, change table, toys and some clothes or been given a mountain of baby girl’s things...the old Steelcraft we bought for him four years ago was showing its age.

We needed a new one, and gave the old one to charity (after a good clean). It was terribly sad dumping it at Lifeline...I remember thinking of everywhere we had used it as J grew from a newborn to the almost-four year old he is today.

Then my breath caught as I realised the new pram we were going to pick up would do exactly the same...and how quickly it all happens.

Time flies. Blink and you’ll miss it. I try to remind myself of that at the moment, when I feel like I have been pregnant for about 14 years, so desperate am I to meet our daughter.

I also packed my bag for hospital and completely freaked out when I saw A) the enormous packs of maternity pads for the post-delivery bleeding that T bought me and B) the teeny tiny gro-suits and singlets our baby girl will be wearing in hospital.

Goodness! Let me finish this post here, before I start crying!

Hurry up, time!*

*This sentiment likely to change at any given moment, especially when I start questioning – again – if we are ready or not.


  1. I hate humidity. hate it in it's stinky face. Love teeny tiny grow suits. *sigh* love that although you feel like you've been pregnant for 14 years, it is so close now. so close. I'm quite excited for you. Best wishes for a blissful birth and all joy and happies afterwards. much love.

  2. Thanks so much for your lovely wishes - I hope for the same!! Hope all is great with you and your fam. X