Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good early news

Ok, this will be quick as I am about to race out the door.

But I wanted to let you know that my results are good, very good.

Our nuchal scan plus bloods revealed a one in 1482 chance of having a baby with Downs.

To put that into perspective, my number last time was one in 29 and anything above 300 is considered good.

Our ob-gyn said that figure was a very good result and the number he would see in a 20 year old woman (discounting my history).

Happy with that!

Of course we could still have an amnio for 100% peace of mind, but there is a one in 200 risk of miscarriage there. So, weighing up the numbers and despite the fact that maths was never my strong point, I think it's ok if we hang on and avoid an amnio.

We can have an advanced anatomy scan at a special place (not the ordinary ultrasound places) where they can search for Downs features at 18 weeks.

If, worst case and for some horrific reason, it looks like we have another Downs baby, we can still have an amnio.

If that comes back positive, the process of termination is much the same at 16 weeks as it is at 19 weeks.

But I honestly do not feel we will have to go down that path. I am so encouraged by that initial number. Of course, all the docs are hedging their bets and cannot tell me anything for certain. But we can breathe a tiny bit easier now.

Hooray. Maybe my stressed shoulders can drop a little as the tension eases.