Friday, June 10, 2011

And time drags on

There is a stack of books sitting on one of the tallboys in our bedroom.

There’s Kaz Cooke’s Up The Duff and that classic, What To Expect When You’re Expecting.

They have stayed there untouched and unnoticed since the awfulness of last September.

This week I have longed to creep up, take one in my hands and tenderly wipe the fuzzy film of dust from its cover.

I have really wanted to flick through the pages once again; I yearn to have been given cause to do so.

I almost did that last night, but then I checked myself, and told myself to be patient. To wait.

We are just over half-way through our two-week wait and I am longing for so much.

Of course, longing to be pregnant this time and longing for caffeine and red wine on these cold winter nights; but also longing for some feeling in my belly, screw how early it is.

The first four days after the transfer I felt sick, and then this Monday afternoon,

I went back to normal. I have felt fine and completely normal ever since.

And I don’t like it.

I wish to be nauseous, vomity and bone-weary tired, thank you very much. Stat!

I can’t remember if I felt anything during the last two-week wait. I don’t think I did, just worry and vulnerability.

They are certainly back again, but I wish I felt more. Alright I don’t expect baby kicks per se, but something would be nice.

Plus I am also still taking progesterone, so even though I might get abdominal tiny twinges, every time I pass them off as some weird effect of that stuff.

I am due for my period in the middle of next week, and we can do a test on the Thursday. I also wonder what effect the progesterone will have on my period, if it will delay I am cautious not to think about getting to excited if my period doesn’t come.

During some moments in the day, I will temporarily forget the limbo we are in, and then it will flick back into the forefront of my mind.

When that happens, a little part of me is disappointed because I wish I was back in that blissfully-ignorant state from a few seconds before.

The problem is that we know the precise minute the embryo is implanted.

The problem is that we have been counting the hours and the days since...a practice that only makes them hitch a ride with the Torture Tortoise.

No alternative but to wait.


  1. two week wait sucks arse!!! Thinking of you and hoping you get great news at the end of it. Try not to think about it.... ha just kidding- I was told that all the time. Like you can forget

  2. I will be wishing the hours away for you love and next week will bring you wonderful news.

    I am having a hurrah sass is leaving the coast afternoon tea soon and would love for you to come. That way whatever the outcome I can give you a hug, sone tea or even a fuck you universe wine (though I hope it's only tea we will need!)

    Thinking of you, the 2ww bites!

  3. Thanks all, lovely. Sooo nice to know I have extra warm fuzzy support out there!
    And Sass, why are you leaving this place, are you nuts? Let me know the details and I would love to come. Are you on Facebook? Add me "Rebecca Marshall" if you like. X

  4. Hi bec. Thinking of you in the two week torture. If it's any consolation I felt nothing except my bbs were tender. That was not unusual however. The night before my bfp I bawled and convinced everyone around me that I wasn't pregnant. I have my heart crossed for you. Waiting for your perfect news. All my love. No more wine and cheese for you this winter!!! Xxxx